Youth Hockey Talent Shines at St. Patty's Day Smackdown Events

The St. Patty's Day Smackdown tournaments held across New Jersey and Delaware from March 8-10, 2024, offered a vibrant display of youth hockey, with players from various age divisions showcasing their skills. Teams from 8U to 18U competed, displaying impressive talent and sportsmanship throughout the weekend.

Delaware Championship Recap

In Delaware, the tournament featured captivating matches across several divisions, with notable performances and strategic plays highlighted by the number of shots on goal.

The 8U C championship saw an electrifying game where the Palmyra Black Knights (Grey) (4-0-0) outscored the Royals (2-2-0) 11-7. The match was a shootout, with the Black Knights capitalizing on their 35 shots on goal to secure the victory.

The 8U B division was no less thrilling, as the Skylands Kings (Navy) (3-1-0) narrowly defeated the Jersey Colts (3-1-0) 13-12 in OT, in a game where both teams displayed relentless offense.

In the 10U B division, Dix Hills Hockey (4-0-0) showcased their prowess against the Union Thunder (2-2-0) with a 5-2 win, underpinned by their efficient use of 18 shots on goal.

The 12U B final featured the Delaware Ducks (Shrouds) (4-0-0) taking a 4-1 victory over Dix Hills Hockey (3-1-0), a testament to the Ducks' strategic gameplay and effective use of their 22 shots.

Rounding out Delaware's highlights, the 12U A division saw the Delaware Ducks (4-0-0) narrowly overcome the Bowie Bruins (2-2-0) 2-1, in a closely fought contest that saw the Ducks make the most of their 18 shots on goal.

New Jersey Championship Recap

The New Jersey tournament catered to the older age groups, with each division bringing its own intense matchups and skillful plays.

The 14U A final was a showcase of skill, with the AC Sharks (5-0-0) dominating the Metro Militia (4-1-0) 9-1. The Sharks' aggressive offense was on full display, with 18 shots on goal translating into a comprehensive win.

In the 16U A division, the Mercer Chiefs (3-2-0) emerged victorious over the Hollydell Hurricanes (3-2-0) with a 3-1 scoreline. The Chiefs' 16 shots on goal were crucial in securing their win in this tight matchup.

The 18U A championship game saw the South Jersey Raptors (5-0-0) edge out the Troy Albany Titans (4-1-0) 3-2, in a game where both teams were evenly matched, but the Raptors' 19 shots on goal gave them the slight edge needed for victory.

The St. Patty's Day Smackdown tournaments in New Jersey and Delaware not only highlighted the competitive spirit of youth hockey but also the strategic and skillful play of the young athletes. With each game, teams demonstrated their determination and passion for the sport, leaving a lasting impression on spectators and promising an exciting future for youth hockey in the region.

St Patty's Day Smackdown, NJ Champions

St. Patty's Day Smackdown, DE Champions