Championship Games Recap

The Mite Meltdown tournament, held on June 1-2, 2024 at The Patriot Ice Center in Newark, Delaware, featured young athletes from the 8U divisions A, B, and C, showcasing their emerging skills and competitive spirit. This event provided a platform for these young hockey players to experience the thrill of competitive play in a supportive environment.

8U A Championship

In the 8U A division, the Ashburn PP Selects (3-1-0) clinched the championship with an 8-6 victory over the Red Bank Lumberjacks (2-2-0). The game was a high-scoring affair, with both teams demonstrating great offensive skills. The Ashburn PP Selects took an early lead in the first period, and despite a strong comeback attempt by the Lumberjacks in the second period, managed to hold onto their lead through the third, securing their win.

8U B Championship

The 8U B division featured a nail-biting finish with the Brandywine Outlaws (3-0-1) overcoming the Phantoms Hockey Club (3-1-0) in overtime, 10-9. The game was intensely competitive from the start, with both teams exchanging goals throughout, leading to a tied score at the end of regulation. In overtime, the Outlaws scored the decisive goal, highlighting their resilience and determination to win.

8U C Championship

In the 8U C final, Fisherman-2 (4-0-0) dominated the Red Bank Lumberjacks (3-1-0) with a staggering 19-4 win. Fisherman-2 displayed overwhelming offensive power, particularly in the second period where they scored 12 goals. This impressive performance underscored their dominance throughout the tournament and secured their undefeated record.

The Mite Meltdown concluded with exciting outcomes across all divisions, emphasizing the depth of talent and enthusiasm among these young competitors. Each game was filled with moments of brilliance and learning opportunities for the young players, setting the stage for their future in hockey. The tournament not only highlighted the competitive nature of the sport but also fostered a fun and engaging atmosphere for players, coaches, and families alike.