Delaware Spring Thaw Showcases Competitive Youth Hockey at The Patriot Ice Center

From April 19-21, 2024, The Patriot Ice Center in Newark, Delaware, hosted the Delaware Spring Thaw, bringing together young athletes from various age divisions for a series of competitive youth hockey matches.

10U Championship

In the 10U division, the Hollydell Hurricanes showed their strength by shutting out the Tri-City Eagles with an 8-0 victory. The Hurricanes were in control throughout the game, making 42 shots on goal compared to just 12 by the Eagles, displaying their offensive dominance and defensive capabilities.

12U Championship

The 12U championship was closely contested between Team Atlas and the Tri-City Eagles (Orange). Team Atlas eked out a 1-0 win, managing to hold off the Eagles despite the Eagles having a higher shot count of 36 to Team Atlas's 15. The game was a showcase of effective defense and strategic play by Team Atlas.

14U Championships

In the 14U A division, Team Atlas faced the Tri-City Eagles (Orange) and came away with a convincing 6-1 win. Team Atlas utilized their 36 shots effectively to secure the victory, demonstrating strong offensive tactics and resilience.

The 14U B division saw a tight match between Hard Edge Hockey and the Brandywine Outlaws. Hard Edge Hockey won 3-2 in a game where shot accuracy played a critical role. Despite the Outlaws having 33 shots on goal, Hard Edge Hockey's 13 shots were more effective, leading to their win.

16U A Championships

In the 16UA division, the Tri City Eagles (Orange) maintained their unbeaten record with a 3-0 win over the Stingers Hockey. The Eagles executed their game plan effectively, with 35 shots on goal ensuring a clean sheet victory.

18U A Championships

The 18UA division featured a dominant display by the DP Selects, who overpowered the Stingers Hockey 8-2. The Selects' offensive pressure was too much for the Stingers, with 34 shots on goal translating into a substantial win.

The Delaware Spring Thaw provided a platform for young hockey players to display their skills and sportsmanship, contributing to a successful tournament filled with competitive hockey action. The event not only highlighted the talents of the participants but also fostered a spirit of camaraderie among the teams.

Delaware Spring Thaw Champions