Pittsburgh Summer Sizzler Showcases Youth Hockey Talent Across Four Divisions

The Pittsburgh Summer Sizzler, hosted from June 14-16, 2024, at Palmer Imaging Arena and Printscape Arena, brought together youth hockey teams across the region. The tournament saw fierce competition across the 10U, 12U, 14U, and 16U divisions, with teams battling to the Championships.

10U Championship

In the 10U division, the Palmer Polar Bears (Lapiana) showcased their dominance with a 4-1 victory over IC Hockey. The Polar Bears controlled the game from the start, scoring two early goals in the first period and securing their win with two additional goals in the third, proving their prowess on the ice.

12U Championship

The 12U final was a closely contested battle that went into overtime, with Clubhouse Cards Hitsburgh edging out the Westmoreland Eagles 3-2. After leading 2-0 through two periods, Club House Cards faced a comeback in the third period but ultimately secured their victory with a decisive goal in overtime, highlighting their resilience under pressure.

14U Championship

Clubhouse Cards Hitsburgh claimed victory in the 14U division, defeating the Pittsburgh Goal Miners 5-2. After a balanced start, Clubhouse Cards pulled away in the third period with three goals, underlining their strategic depth and finishing strength.

16U Championship

In the 16U category, Clubhouse Cards Hitsburgh - 1 continued their undefeated streak with a convincing 7-2 win against the Palmer Polar Bears. Clubhouse took an early lead with four goals in the first period and maintained their momentum to clinch the championship, demonstrating superior skill and teamwork.

The Pittsburgh Summer Sizzler concluded with impressive performances across all divisions, showcasing the growing talent in youth hockey. The event provided a platform for young athletes to shine and reinforced the importance of competitive sports in developing teamwork, discipline, and a winning spirit. Families and fans left with memorable moments from a weekend filled with high-quality hockey and spirited competition.

Championship Games Recap

Over the weekend of June 7-9, the Summer Sizzler Hershey tournament brought competitive youth hockey to the forefront in Hershey, PA. Teams from the 10U to 18U divisions displayed their skills and determination, providing spectators with a series of intense and closely contested matches. The atmosphere was electric as teams battled for the championship titles, with standout performances defining the tournament.

10U A Championship

The Hollydell Selects edged out the Brandywine Outlaws 7-5 in a thrilling 10U A final. The game saw a flurry of activity in the second period where both teams scored four goals each, ramping up the intensity. The Selects secured their win with two crucial goals in the third period, showcasing their ability to perform under pressure.

10U B Championship

In a dramatic 10U B showdown, Aviator Hockey clinched a narrow 4-3 victory over West Chester Wolverines ’15 Selects in overtime. After a scoreless first period and an evenly matched second period, the game extended into overtime where Aviator Hockey found the back of the net, maintaining their undefeated status in the tournament.

12U A Championship

The East Coast Yeti took home the 12U A title with a well-earned 5-3 victory over Team Atlas. After a tight match through two periods, the Yeti pulled away in the third, netting two goals to secure their win. Their performance was marked by strategic plays and a strong finish, underscoring their prowess and determination throughout the tournament.

12U B Championship

CNY Squid dominated the HLH Elite (Minor) in the 12U B final, cruising to an 11-1 victory. The Squid’s offensive onslaught was particularly impressive in the second period, where they scored four goals, effectively sealing their victory early. This win highlighted their depth and offensive capabilities, making them the clear champions of their division.

14U A Championship

In the 14U A championship, HLH Elite (Major) showcased their dominance by defeating Central Penn Panthers with a decisive 11-2 score. The game was effectively in HLH Elite’s control from the start, with a rapid three-goal lead in the first period setting the tone. Their aggressive and coordinated play continued throughout the match, leaving no doubt about their superiority.

14U B Championship

Brandywine Outlaws executed a perfect game plan in the 14U B final, shutting out Navy Youth Hockey 6-0. Their defense was impenetrable, while the offense took advantage of every opportunity, scoring consistently across all three periods. This comprehensive victory demonstrated the Outlaws’ all-round strength and tactical execution.

16U A Championship

The East Coast Vikings displayed sheer dominance in the 16U A division, overpowering KLA Steelheads with a resounding 12-2 victory. The Vikings set an aggressive pace from the start, leading 5-1 by the end of the first period and continuing their scoring spree throughout the game. Their relentless attack and solid defense showcased their championship caliber.

16U AA Championship

In a compelling 16U AA final, Palmer Polar Bears emerged victorious over Brandywine Outlaws, winning 8-2. The Polar Bears dominated from the start, establishing an early lead and never letting up. Their strategic offensive plays and tight defense were key to their success, making them the undisputed champions of their division.

18U AA Championship

Red Bank Lumberjacks clinched the 18U AA championship with a solid 4-1 victory against Tri City Eagles (Orange). The Lumberjacks led from the first period and built on their momentum, effectively managing the game and securing the win with a strong third-period performance. Their tactical approach and consistent effort throughout the tournament paid off, earning them the top spot.

The Summer Sizzler Hershey concluded with each division witnessing strong performances and memorable moments. The tournament not only showcased the skills and competitive spirit of the participants but also highlighted the strategic elements of youth hockey, making it a significant event in the hockey calendar.

Championship Games Recap

The Mite Meltdown tournament, held on June 1-2, 2024 at The Patriot Ice Center in Newark, Delaware, featured young athletes from the 8U divisions A, B, and C, showcasing their emerging skills and competitive spirit. This event provided a platform for these young hockey players to experience the thrill of competitive play in a supportive environment.

8U A Championship

In the 8U A division, the Ashburn PP Selects (3-1-0) clinched the championship with an 8-6 victory over the Red Bank Lumberjacks (2-2-0). The game was a high-scoring affair, with both teams demonstrating great offensive skills. The Ashburn PP Selects took an early lead in the first period, and despite a strong comeback attempt by the Lumberjacks in the second period, managed to hold onto their lead through the third, securing their win.

8U B Championship

The 8U B division featured a nail-biting finish with the Brandywine Outlaws (3-0-1) overcoming the Phantoms Hockey Club (3-1-0) in overtime, 10-9. The game was intensely competitive from the start, with both teams exchanging goals throughout, leading to a tied score at the end of regulation. In overtime, the Outlaws scored the decisive goal, highlighting their resilience and determination to win.

8U C Championship

In the 8U C final, Fisherman-2 (4-0-0) dominated the Red Bank Lumberjacks (3-1-0) with a staggering 19-4 win. Fisherman-2 displayed overwhelming offensive power, particularly in the second period where they scored 12 goals. This impressive performance underscored their dominance throughout the tournament and secured their undefeated record.

The Mite Meltdown concluded with exciting outcomes across all divisions, emphasizing the depth of talent and enthusiasm among these young competitors. Each game was filled with moments of brilliance and learning opportunities for the young players, setting the stage for their future in hockey. The tournament not only highlighted the competitive nature of the sport but also fostered a fun and engaging atmosphere for players, coaches, and families alike.

Championship Games Recap

The Kruel Summer Shootout, held from May 17-19, 2024, brought together an impressive lineup of girls’ hockey teams from the 10U to 19U divisions. This tournament showcased the competitive spirit and skill of young athletes, culminating in a series of thrilling championship games. Below are detailed recaps of the finals across the various divisions.

10U Championship

The 10U championship featured a dramatic clash between the Troy Albany Ice Cats (4-0-0) and the Devil Dogs (2-2-0). The Devil Dogs struck first with an early goal by Maia Toomey in the opening period. The Ice Cats responded in the second period with two goals, one each from Brynn Basiuk and Grace Kreiger, but Toomey quickly equalized for the Devil Dogs. In the final period, Basiuk scored the game-winning goal, her second of the match, to secure a 3-2 victory for the Ice Cats and maintain their perfect record.

12U Championship

In the 12U division, the Lady Selects (4-0-0) continued their unbeaten streak with a 4-2 victory over the Black Bear Selects (2-2-0). The Lady Selects took an early lead in the first period with a goal by Farrah Lattarulo. The second period remained scoreless, but the third period was action-packed. The Black Bear Selects tied the game with goals from Vicky Pekarchik and Luca Shoaf Kozak. However, the Lady Selects pulled ahead with Lattarulo scoring the game-winner, followed by an insurance goal from Serri Saypol, sealing their championship win.

14U Championship

The 14U final saw the Miss-Fits (4-0-0) triumph over the Lady Selects (2-2-0) with a 2-1 victory. The Miss-Fits took the lead in the first period with a goal from Olivia Pelle, assisted by Tomasina Cinquino and Lauren Letts. The game remained tight with no goals in the second period. In the third, Sabrina Scali scored the game-winning goal for the Miss-Fits. The Lady Selects managed a late power play goal from Mimi Hawkins, assisted by June Kleiner, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Miss-Fits’ lead.

16U Championship

In the 16U championship, the Lynchburg Coyotes (3-1-0) secured a 2-0 shutout victory over the Lady Selects (3-1-0). After two scoreless periods, the Coyotes broke the deadlock in the third with a game-winning goal by Eleanor Johnson, assisted by Bella Coppoliono. Amelia Perham added an insurance goal with assistance from Abigail Greer, ensuring the Coyotes’ victory and their strong defensive performance throughout the game.

19U Championship

The 19U final featured a tense matchup between the Black Bear Selects (4-0-0) and the Lynchburg Coyotes (2-2-0). The game remained scoreless through the first two periods, with both teams displaying strong defensive play. In the third period, Isabel Bright scored the game-winning goal for the Black Bear Selects, securing a 1-0 victory and maintaining their undefeated record in the tournament.

The Kruel Summer Shootout ended with thrilling and competitive championship games in each division. Each team displayed impressive skill and determination, making the tournament a standout event. The performances highlighted the potential and talent of the young athletes, capping off a weekend of high-level hockey competition.

Championship Games Recap

The North Jersey Spring Classic, held on May 19, 2024, at SportsCare Arena, featured a full day of energetic and competitive youth hockey matches. This tournament showcased promising young teams across three 8U divisions: A, B, and C, each culminating in a championship game that highlighted the skills and dedication of these athletes.

8U A Championship

The 8U A championship saw the Long Island Berserkers dominate HLH Elite ‘16 (Red) with a resounding 17-4 victory. The Berserkers’ offense was relentless from the start, racking up a substantial lead in the first period and maintaining their intensity throughout the game.

8U B Championship

In the 8U B final, Atlantic Fire edged out the Spitfires in a closely contested match, winning 6-5. This game was marked by frequent lead changes and a high-energy display from both teams, with Atlantic Fire ultimately securing the win in a nail-biting finish.

8U C Championship

RSG (Red) claimed the 8U C title by defeating Atlantic Fire 5-3 in a dynamic and engaging match. Both teams displayed great skill and determination, but RSG (Red) managed to pull ahead with a decisive two-goal lead, showcasing their tactical acumen and on-ice discipline.

The North Jersey Spring Classic concluded with thrilling displays across all 8U divisions, each team demonstrating significant growth and competitive spirit. The event not only highlighted the talents of these young players but also celebrated their passion for hockey, embodying the spirit of youth sports and community engagement.

Championship Recaps

This year’s Denis Duplanti Memorial Tournament, held over the weekend of May 10-12, showcased promising young talent in youth hockey, with teams from the 10U to 18U divisions battling it out. The tournament served as a vibrant celebration of Denis Duplanti’s legacy, highlighting the competitive spirit and sportsmanship among the participants.

10U AA Championship Game Recap

The Ashburn PP Selects dominated the NJ Raiders (Black) with a decisive 6-0 win in the 10U AA championship. The Selects controlled the game from the start, outshooting the Raiders 11 to 5. The scoring began early with Brodie Develli's unassisted goal in the first period, which also stood as the game-winner. The Selects continued to build their lead with goals in each period, including two contributions from Max Lu, who had a standout game. The third period saw a flurry of goals that solidified the Selects' commanding lead, showcasing their cohesive team play and strategic execution.

10U A Championship Game Recap

HLH Elite (Major) secured a close 4-3 victory over Mount Laurel Jackals in the 10U A championship. HLH Elite showed a slight advantage in attack, registering 23 shots on goal to the Jackals' 16. The decisive moment came in the third period with a game-winning goal that ensured their lead. The game also saw effective power plays and a critical shorthanded goal, underscoring the strategic depth both teams brought to the final.

10U B Championship Game Recap

In the 10U B championship, Atlantic Fire claimed a solid 4-2 victory over Brandywine Outlaws. Both teams started evenly, each scoring once in the first period, but Atlantic Fire pulled ahead in the second period with two unassisted goals by Mason Palmer, including the game-winner. Atlantic Fire maintained their lead with effective plays, outshooting the Outlaws 18 to 13. In the third period, Palmer capped his standout performance with a power play goal, completing a hat trick and securing the win for his team. Despite a late goal from Anson Hall of the Outlaws, Atlantic Fire held on to their lead to take the championship.

12U A Championship Game Recap

The Ashburn Power Play Selects secured a 6-3 victory over the East Coast Yeti in the 12U A division final at the Denis Duplanti Memorial Tournament. The Selects displayed strong offensive skills right from the start, establishing a 3-1 lead in the first period. The game remained competitive with both teams scoring in the second period, but Ashburn's effective use of power plays and a key shorthanded goal helped extend their lead. The game-winning goal came from Hudson Freudiger, who capitalized during a power play situation, ensuring Ashburn maintained their momentum to clinch the championship title.

12U B Championship Game Recap

In the 12U B championship, MAS sealed a clean 2-0 win against the Hollydell Selects. The game unfolded with intense defense from both sides, resulting in a goalless first period. The deadlock was broken in the second period by Colin Maxwell of MAS, who scored the game-winning goal with an assist from Avery Jones. MAS extended their lead in the third period with a power play goal by JW Jennings, assisted by Connor Nickles, solidifying their victory and capping off their undefeated tournament run.

14U A Championship Game Recap

The Ashburn Power Play Selects overcame an early deficit to secure a 3-1 victory against the Blue Berrys Hockey Club (Berry) in the 14U A final. The game started with the Blue Berrys taking the lead through an unassisted goal by Vincent Gulotta. However, Ashburn responded robustly in the second period with two goals, including the game-winner on a power play by Brayden Flowers, assisted by Dylan Cox. Ashburn solidified their win with an additional goal by Flowers early in the third period, demonstrating strong offensive execution and resilience.

16U A Championship Game Recap

In the 16U A championship, the NJ Raiders maintained their unbeaten streak with a solid 3-1 win over the Long Beach Titans. The Raiders established an early lead in the first period with two goals by Giovanni Gemellaro, including a power play goal and the game-winning goal. Despite a scoreless second period, both teams competed fiercely, with the Raiders extending their lead in the third through an unassisted goal by Michael Gemellaro. The Titans managed to find the net late in the game with Vinny Sampogna scoring unassisted, but it wasn't enough to overcome the deficit. The NJ Raiders' effective use of scoring opportunities and strong defensive play clinched their victory in the final.

18U AA Championship Game Recap

The DP Selects secured a convincing 4-1 victory over the NJ Raiders in the 18U AA championship. The game began intensely, with both teams scoring in the first period, but DP Selects quickly took control. Conor Kane and Chase Strange collaborated for a power play goal, followed closely by Strange's game-winning goal, setting the pace for the Selects. Despite a scoreless second period, the Selects extended their lead in the third with two additional goals, including Logan Hood's unassisted effort and another from Strange, sealing their dominant performance. The DP Selects' strategic play and effective finishing were key to their triumph in the final.

The Denis Duplanti Memorial Tournament closed on a high note, leaving a lasting impression of thrilling matches and sportsmanship. As teams dispersed, the echoes of their hard-fought battles and the camaraderie they displayed remained, underscoring the enduring influence of Denis Duplanti on youth hockey.

Championship Highlights from the New Jersey Spring Thaw

The New Jersey Spring Thaw Tournament, held from May 3-5, 2024, showcased the culmination of intense competition across various youth hockey divisions, providing exciting matchups and definitive results.

10U Championships In the 10U A division, the Blue Wolves demonstrated their offensive prowess with a commanding 10-4 victory over Red Bank Lumberjacks-1 (Black), asserting their dominance throughout the game. Meanwhile, in the 10U B category, the final was tightly contested, where North Jersey Blue Knights (Barter) edged out the Skylands Savages 6-5 in a nail-biting finish that underscored the competitive spirit of the youngest players.

12U Championships The 12U A division saw a closely fought battle with North Jersey Blue Knights taking a narrow 2-1 win over CP 61's, showcasing strategic defense and timely scoring. In the 12U AA division, Team Atlas outlasted Jersey Shore Americans 6-4 in a dynamic match that highlighted both teams' offensive skills. The 12U B championship was dominated by Complex Kings who doubled the score against Brandywine Outlaws, winning 8-4, thanks to their relentless attack and solid game management.

14U Championships Southern MD Sabres claimed victory in the 14U A division by defeating Frederick Polar Bears 6-2, showing their strong team cohesion and tactical execution. The 14U AA title went to NJ/MA Selects after a tight 3-2 win over Team Atlas, a game that tested the mettle and determination of both teams. In the 14U B division, the Spitfires showcased their abilities by beating H08 Knights 5-2, effectively balancing offense and defense to secure the win.

16U Championships In the 16U A division, Hard Edge Hockey demonstrated their skill and teamwork by overcoming Parker's Army with a decisive 6-3 score, reflecting their superior play throughout the tournament. The 16U AA championship saw NJ Raiders Selects clinch a close 4-3 victory against MD Jr. Black Bears, emphasizing the high level of competition and the narrow margins that defined the games.

18U Championships The 18U A division featured a dominant performance by the Wolverines, who shut out Hard Edge Hockey 5-0, showcasing their dominance in both defensive and offensive plays. In the 18U AA final, Southern MD Sabres defeated Parker's Army 4-1, continuing their strong showing in the tournament with effective teamwork and strategic plays.

The New Jersey Spring Thaw Tournament highlighted the skills, sportsmanship, and competitive nature of young hockey players, with each division providing memorable moments and thrilling hockey action.

New Jersey Spring Thaw Champions

Keg Cup Highlights: Adult Hockey Action at The Patriot Ice Center

The Keg Cup, held from May 3-5 at The Patriot Ice Center in Newark, DE, brought together adult hockey teams for a thrilling weekend of competition. This unique tournament showcased not just the skills but also the spirited camaraderie of adult players.

Division B Championship The Division B final was a dramatic showdown, with Hitchen's House clinching a 6-5 victory over the Frogs in overtime. This intense match saw both teams display remarkable resilience and skill, pushing the game beyond regular time and offering fans a spectacular finish.

Division C Championship In the Division C championship, the Space Cadets secured a decisive 6-2 win against the Zombies. Demonstrating superior strategy, the Space Cadets capitalized on their opportunities, with their 24 shots on goal outpacing the 19 from the Zombies, leading to a well-earned victory.

Division D Championship The Yetis triumphed over the Stars in the Division D final, with a final score of 6-4. The match highlighted the Yetis' effective teamwork and strategic execution, allowing them to overcome the strong challenge posed by the Stars.

The Keg Cup provided a fantastic platform for adult hockey enthusiasts to demonstrate their prowess and enjoy a weekend of high-spirited competition. Each game celebrated the enduring passion for hockey, emphasizing the fun and camaraderie that comes with the sport.

Keg Cup Champions

Delaware Spring Thaw Showcases Competitive Youth Hockey at The Patriot Ice Center

From April 19-21, 2024, The Patriot Ice Center in Newark, Delaware, hosted the Delaware Spring Thaw, bringing together young athletes from various age divisions for a series of competitive youth hockey matches.

10U Championship

In the 10U division, the Hollydell Hurricanes showed their strength by shutting out the Tri-City Eagles with an 8-0 victory. The Hurricanes were in control throughout the game, making 42 shots on goal compared to just 12 by the Eagles, displaying their offensive dominance and defensive capabilities.

12U Championship

The 12U championship was closely contested between Team Atlas and the Tri-City Eagles (Orange). Team Atlas eked out a 1-0 win, managing to hold off the Eagles despite the Eagles having a higher shot count of 36 to Team Atlas's 15. The game was a showcase of effective defense and strategic play by Team Atlas.

14U Championships

In the 14U A division, Team Atlas faced the Tri-City Eagles (Orange) and came away with a convincing 6-1 win. Team Atlas utilized their 36 shots effectively to secure the victory, demonstrating strong offensive tactics and resilience.

The 14U B division saw a tight match between Hard Edge Hockey and the Brandywine Outlaws. Hard Edge Hockey won 3-2 in a game where shot accuracy played a critical role. Despite the Outlaws having 33 shots on goal, Hard Edge Hockey's 13 shots were more effective, leading to their win.

16U A Championships

In the 16UA division, the Tri City Eagles (Orange) maintained their unbeaten record with a 3-0 win over the Stingers Hockey. The Eagles executed their game plan effectively, with 35 shots on goal ensuring a clean sheet victory.

18U A Championships

The 18UA division featured a dominant display by the DP Selects, who overpowered the Stingers Hockey 8-2. The Selects' offensive pressure was too much for the Stingers, with 34 shots on goal translating into a substantial win.

The Delaware Spring Thaw provided a platform for young hockey players to display their skills and sportsmanship, contributing to a successful tournament filled with competitive hockey action. The event not only highlighted the talents of the participants but also fostered a spirit of camaraderie among the teams.

Delaware Spring Thaw Champions

Youth Hockey Talent Shines at St. Patty's Day Smackdown Events

The St. Patty's Day Smackdown tournaments held across New Jersey and Delaware from March 8-10, 2024, offered a vibrant display of youth hockey, with players from various age divisions showcasing their skills. Teams from 8U to 18U competed, displaying impressive talent and sportsmanship throughout the weekend.

Delaware Championship Recap

In Delaware, the tournament featured captivating matches across several divisions, with notable performances and strategic plays highlighted by the number of shots on goal.

The 8U C championship saw an electrifying game where the Palmyra Black Knights (Grey) (4-0-0) outscored the Royals (2-2-0) 11-7. The match was a shootout, with the Black Knights capitalizing on their 35 shots on goal to secure the victory.

The 8U B division was no less thrilling, as the Skylands Kings (Navy) (3-1-0) narrowly defeated the Jersey Colts (3-1-0) 13-12 in OT, in a game where both teams displayed relentless offense.

In the 10U B division, Dix Hills Hockey (4-0-0) showcased their prowess against the Union Thunder (2-2-0) with a 5-2 win, underpinned by their efficient use of 18 shots on goal.

The 12U B final featured the Delaware Ducks (Shrouds) (4-0-0) taking a 4-1 victory over Dix Hills Hockey (3-1-0), a testament to the Ducks' strategic gameplay and effective use of their 22 shots.

Rounding out Delaware's highlights, the 12U A division saw the Delaware Ducks (4-0-0) narrowly overcome the Bowie Bruins (2-2-0) 2-1, in a closely fought contest that saw the Ducks make the most of their 18 shots on goal.

New Jersey Championship Recap

The New Jersey tournament catered to the older age groups, with each division bringing its own intense matchups and skillful plays.

The 14U A final was a showcase of skill, with the AC Sharks (5-0-0) dominating the Metro Militia (4-1-0) 9-1. The Sharks' aggressive offense was on full display, with 18 shots on goal translating into a comprehensive win.

In the 16U A division, the Mercer Chiefs (3-2-0) emerged victorious over the Hollydell Hurricanes (3-2-0) with a 3-1 scoreline. The Chiefs' 16 shots on goal were crucial in securing their win in this tight matchup.

The 18U A championship game saw the South Jersey Raptors (5-0-0) edge out the Troy Albany Titans (4-1-0) 3-2, in a game where both teams were evenly matched, but the Raptors' 19 shots on goal gave them the slight edge needed for victory.

The St. Patty's Day Smackdown tournaments in New Jersey and Delaware not only highlighted the competitive spirit of youth hockey but also the strategic and skillful play of the young athletes. With each game, teams demonstrated their determination and passion for the sport, leaving a lasting impression on spectators and promising an exciting future for youth hockey in the region.

St Patty's Day Smackdown, NJ Champions

St. Patty's Day Smackdown, DE Champions