The Defender Hockey Tournament, New England Fall Prep, was a showcase of thrilling hockey action, with two deserving champions emerging in the U16 and 18U divisions.

In the U16 Division, the Esmark Stars displayed their talent and determination throughout the tournament. Their journey to the championship began with a battle against Top Gun, which ended in a 7-6 victory in overtime. Emmet McClaine stole the spotlight with an incredible performance, contributing two goals and two assists to secure the win.

The Stars continued their impressive run with a dominant 4-0 victory in their second game, completely shutting out the NH Avalanche. Luke Mink and Marshall Hewitt played a pivotal role in this triumph, each adding a goal and an assist to their team's impressive tally.

The championship game was a tight and intense affair, but the Esmark Stars showcased their resilience by edging out the American Hockey Academy with a slim 1-0 victory. The tournament's winning goal was netted by Liam Mahoney, sealing their U16 Division championship victory.

In the 18U Division, it was Top Gun who emerged as the victors. They kicked off their campaign with a commanding 3-0 win, shutting out the Esmark Stars in an impressive display of defensive strength. The highlight of their tournament came in the championship game, where they faced off against CP Dynamo in a closely contested battle.

Michael Mansfield emerged as the hero in the final showdown, scoring the game-winning goal that secured Top Gun's championship triumph with a final score of 2-1.

Congratulations to the Esmark Stars for their U16 Division victory and to Top Gun for their 18U Division championship! Make sure to check out our upcoming Fall and Winter Tournaments


NE 18U
NE 18U (2)

The summer heat was no match for the intensity and excitement that engulfed the ice rinks during the Defender Hockey Tournament's Jersey Shore Summer Sizzler in mid-July. The final day of the tournament, Sunday, July 16th, witnessed showdowns that crowned champions in their respective categories.

8U B Division: High-Scoring Thriller for H08 Hockey

The 8U B division provided an entertaining and high-scoring match, with H08 Hockey emerging victorious with a 12-7 scoreline against NJ Anchors. The game showcased the younger players' enthusiasm and determination, as both teams battled fiercely on the ice.

10U AA Division: Diverse Victories and Remarkable Goals

The 10U AA division witnessed an array of victories and remarkable goals. 22 Elite secured a 4-2 win against PA Horsemen, while Jersey Shore Hockey Development triumphed over Pucks with a close score of 3-2.

10U B Division: S & C Selects Secure a Convincing Win

In the 10U B division, S & C Selects demonstrated their prowess by winning 6-2 against Saugerties Kraken. Nico Mininni stood out with his exceptional performance, scoring 2 goals in the 2nd and 3rd periods.

12U A Division: Parker's Army Prevails

In the 12U A division, Parker's Army showcased their strength by securing a 4-1 victory against Metro Militia. Michael Cohen and Mason Nelligan's outstanding performances, with each player scoring 2 goals, were instrumental in Parker's Army's triumph.

12U B Division: RR Hockey's Shutout Victory

The 12U B division witnessed RR Hockey achieving a 3-0 shutout win against Saugerties Lady Kraken. The RR Hockey team demonstrated exceptional teamwork and a solid defensive strategy, leaving their opponents struggling to find the back of the net.

14U AA Division: 22 Elite Dominates with a Stunning Victory

The 14U AA division saw a standout performance from 22 Elite as they triumphed over PHD Prospects with a commanding 7-1 victory. The game was a true showcase of skill, with Jackson Folvik stealing the spotlight by netting an incredible 4 goals throughout all three periods.

14U A Division: LPD Fury Selects Triumph

In the 14U A division, LPD Fury Selects clinched victory with a 2-0 win against Saugerties Kraken.

14U B Division: MD Blue Crabs Secure Victory

The 14U B division witnessed MD Blue Crabs emerge victorious with a 4-1 win against Cutting Edge Cobras. Despite a Cobras goal in the 3rd period from Henry Day, MD Blue Crabs' overall gameplay and strategy led them to a well-earned victory.

16U AA Division: 22 Elite and Steven Garbowski's Double Impact

The 16U AA division featured another victory for 22 Elite, this time against the Mid Hudson Polar Bears with a 5-2 scoreline. Steven Garbowski emerged as the star of the match, contributing 2 goals that played a pivotal role in securing their victory. 22 Elite's ability to convert opportunities into goals and their unwavering determination propelled them to success.

16U A Division: 22 Elite's Triple Victory

The 16U A division showcased yet another triumph for 22 Elite as they defeated Bristol Bandits with a score of 4-2. David Fruda's outstanding performance, marked by an impressive hat-trick, solidified 22 Elite's reputation as a formidable team in this division.

18U AA/A Division: New Jersey Angels Claim Victory

In the 18U AA/A division, the New Jersey Angels emerged victorious, besting the AC Sharks with a score of 4-1. Nick Ctorides proved to be the key player for the Angels, scoring a crucial goal just 12 seconds into the 2nd period.

Thank you to all those who attended this tournament and we look forward to seeing you at our future tournaments!

Defender Hockey Tournaments, in partnership with the Mikey Nichols Foundation, is delighted to announce the highly anticipated 8th annual Mikey Nichols Tournament. This extraordinary event took place from June 22nd to June 25th in rinks across New Jersey. The Round Robin tournament showcased talented players from the 8U through 18U age categories, providing an unforgettable experience at the renowned Jersey Shore Arena, Howell Arena, and even the prestigious Prudential Center.

The Mikey Nichols Tournament has grown to become a symbol of resilience, determination, and the unbreakable spirit of the human athlete. Named after the remarkable Mikey Nichols, a young athlete who overcame tremendous odds after suffering a spinal cord injury during a high school hockey game, this tournament stands as a testament to the power of sports in healing and inspiring others.

One of the highlights of the tournament was the opportunity for participants to play their games on the official practice rink of the New Jersey Devils at the iconic Prudential Center. The atmosphere was electric as players stepped onto the same ice where their hockey idols, the Devils, hone their skills. It was an unforgettable experience for these aspiring athletes and a cherished memory they will carry with them for years to come.

Beyond the exhilarating games, the Mikey Nichols Tournament provided a platform for players, coaches, families, and the community to come together in support of the Mikey Nichols Foundation. The foundation, established by Mikey himself, aims to empower individuals and families affected by spinal cord injuries. Funds raised from the tournament will go directly toward research, rehabilitation programs, and support services that make a tangible impact on the lives of those in need.

Defender Hockey Tournaments would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the participants, volunteers, sponsors, and supporters who contributed to the overwhelming success of this event. Your unwavering support and dedication enabled us to raise an astounding $6,923 for the Mikey Nichols Foundation. With every dollar raised, we move closer to transforming the lives of individuals and families affected by spinal cord injuries.

The 8th annual Mikey Nichols Tournament was not only a celebration of hockey but also a celebration of human resilience and the power of community. It demonstrated that together, we can overcome obstacles and create a brighter future for those in need. We are incredibly proud to have been a part of this event and are grateful for the opportunity to honor Mikey Nichols and his remarkable journey.

As we reflect on the remarkable success of the Mikey Nichols Tournament, we look forward to future editions, knowing that each year will bring us closer to our shared goal of making a lasting impact on the lives of others.


The Defender Hockey Tournaments Pittsburgh Summer Sizzler took place this past weekend at the Palmer Imaging Arena and Printscape Arena, showcasing several age divisions, in the region.

In the 10U AA/A division, the TSR Hammerheads emerged as the champions, dominating their final game against Webb's World of Fitness with a resounding 9-2 victory. Easton Machesky was the star of the game, scoring an impressive four out of the nine goals for the Hammerheads.

Moving on to the 14U AA category, the Clubhouse Cards and the Johnstown Red Wings battled it out in an intense final game. It was a close affair, with both teams displaying remarkable skill and determination. In the end, the Clubhouse Cards emerged as the champions, winning the game 2-1. The Cards managed to secure an early lead with a goal in the first period. Lucas Blose extended their advantage to 2-0 with a goal just 49 seconds into the second period. The Red Wings fought hard and managed to score a goal in the third period through Wolfhope, but it wasn't enough to change the outcome of the game.

In the 14U A division, the South Pittsburgh Rebellion showcased their dominance by winning the championship game with an impressive 7-0 score. The Rebellion's Grkman and Vidak were the standout performers, each contributing two goals to their team's resounding victory.

The 16U AA final saw an exciting clash between the Clubhouse Cards and Pittsburgh Elite. It was a closely contested game with both teams giving it their all on the ice. The Clubhouse Cards managed to secure a slim 3-2 victory to claim the championship title. Their consistent performance throughout the game, scoring a goal in each period, helped them secure the win against a determined Pittsburgh Elite squad.

Congratulations to all the teams that competed in the Defender Hockey Tournaments Pittsburgh Summer Sizzler, and to the champions in each division for their outstanding performances.

Over the past weekend, the Patriot Ice Center in Delaware was buzzing with excitement as the Defender Hockey Tournaments Mite Meltdown Tournament took place. This event showcased young hockey players' incredible talent and enthusiasm in the Mite division. The tournament featured three divisions: Mite A, Mite B, and Mite C, each filled with fierce competition and unforgettable moments.

In the Mite A division, the RSG Selects Red emerged as the champions, securing a hard-fought victory against the SI Raiders Red. The final score stood at 7-5 in favor of the RSG Selects Red team. The SI Raiders Red put up an impressive fight, with five different players finding the back of the net. The goals were spread across the team, highlighting their collective effort and offensive prowess. However, Kellan Lamonde and Mason Johnson from the RSG team stole the show, each netting two goals and contributing significantly to their team's success.

In the Mite B division, H08 Hockey claimed victory with a commanding 10-4 win. This talented team demonstrated their scoring prowess as multiple players contributed to the goal tally. Their offensive firepower proved too much for their opponents to handle, leaving H08 Hockey as champions of the division.

The Mite C division culminated in a resounding victory for the Hollydell Selects. They dominated their opponents with a remarkable 13-5 final score. Christian Marchese and Ethan Nunez were the standout performers of the tournament, each scoring multiple goals and showcasing their talent.

Congratulations to the RSG Selects Red, H08 Hockey, and the Hollydell Selects for their exceptional performances and wins!

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The ProSkate Arena in New Jersey played host to an electrifying weekend of hockey as teams from various regions competed in the  Defender Hockey Tournaments' Denis Duplanti Girls Tournament. The event showcased the remarkable talent and skills of female athletes across different age divisions.

12U Champions: Loudon Polar Bears Roar to Victory: The 12U division witnessed the Loudon Polar Bears clinching the championship title with an impressive 4-0 win. Brennyn Anderson's outstanding display saw her netting two goals, while Alana Hersh and Lauren Fisher contributed one goal each. The Polar Bears' flawless teamwork and solid defensive play ensured their resounding victory.

16U Champions: Black Bear Selects Dominate the Competition: In a display of sheer dominance, the Black Bear Selects claimed the 16U championship with a commanding 7-1 victory. Lyla Picker was the standout performer, with three goals, while Callie Siek also made significant contributions with two goals. The Selects' cohesive play and relentless offensive pressure proved too much for their opponents, leading them to a well-deserved triumph.

19U Champions: Black Bear Selects Prove Unstoppable: The Black Bear Selects continued their winning streak in the 19U division, emerging as the undisputed champions with a resounding 5-0 victory. Maggie Donnelly showcased her scoring prowess by netting two goals, spearheading her team's offensive efforts. The Selects' exceptional teamwork and defensive prowess ensured their dominance throughout the tournament.

As the summer draws to a close, hockey enthusiasts eagerly await the start of the new season. And this year, there's even more reason to anticipate the upcoming hockey season with the launch of the New England Fall Prep tournament, partnered with Top Gun Hockey.

The New England Fall Prep tournament promises to be a thrilling addition to the hockey calendar, as it's designed to bring teams together for a weekend filled with intense competition. Taking place over Labor Day weekend from September 1-3.

One of the most exciting aspects of the New England Fall Prep tournament is the opportunity to play at renowned hockey venues. The games will be held at the prestigious Tsongas Arena, which serves as the home of NCAA Division 1 UMass Lowell Hockey. In addition, the tournament will also utilize the Icenter Salem in Massachusetts.

The New England Fall Prep tournament welcomes teams from the 14U-18U Tier 1 age levels. With a minimum of four games guaranteed, players will have ample opportunities to showcase their skills and compete against some of the best teams in the region.

So mark your calendars, gather your teammates, and get ready to hit the ice at the New England Fall Prep tournament. This Labor Day weekend extravaganza guarantees an unforgettable experience that will leave players and fans eagerly anticipating the start of the 2023-24 hockey season. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of New England's premier hockey tournament! Register now

This past weekend, hockey teams gathered at multiple rinks in the Delaware and Pennsylvania region for the annual Defender Hockey Tournaments' Denis Duplanti Boys Tournament. The tournament showcased the skills and talents of young athletes across various age divisions.

10U A Aviators Soar to Victory: In an impressive display of dominance, the 10U A Aviators showcased their prowess on the ice with an 8-1 victory over the West Chester Wolverines. Liam Fanning stole the spotlight with a remarkable performance, netting an impressive hat-trick, accounting for three of the Aviators' goals.

10U B HLH Elite Major Triumphs: In a spirited matchup, the 10U B HLH Elite Major team emerged victorious against HLH Elite Minor, delivering an exciting contest with multiple players contributing to the team's success.

12U AA Ashburn Power Play Selects Show their Dominance: The 12U AA Ashburn Power Play Selects demonstrated their skill and team chemistry as they secured an 8-3 victory over the West Chester Wolverines. Oliver Emilo and Owen Plummer shone brightly, each scoring two goals to contribute significantly to their team's success.

12U A HLH Elite Outlasts The Blueberries: A closely contested match between HLH Elite and The Blueberries in the 12U A division resulted in a 3-2 victory for HLH Elite. The game came alive in the third period, with all three goals being scored during this thrilling final period, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

12U B HLH Elite Minor Claims Victory: In an impressive display of skill, the 12U B HLH Elite Minor team secured a 3-1 win over Aviator Hockey. Demonstrating their scoring prowess, HLH Elite Minor managed to net three goals, all in the second period, propelling them to victory.

14U AA Mt. Laurel Jacks Showcase Superiority: The 14U AA division witnessed an outstanding performance from the Mt. Laurel Jacks as they faced off against the Delaware Patriots. Ryan Griscom and Aiden Whitehurst were instrumental in the Jacks' triumph, each contributing two goals to their team's winning effort.

14U A Stingers Emerge Victorious: In a tightly contested match, the 14U A Stingers emerged triumphant with a 1-0 victory over MAS. Trevor Robinson's goal in the third period proved to be the decisive factor, securing the Stingers' well-deserved win.

16U AA Dirty Danglers Edge Out Snider Hockey: A thrilling encounter unfolded between the 16U AA Dirty Danglers and Snider Hockey. Snider's Michael Previtera wasted no time, scoring within the first two minutes. However, the Dirty Danglers regrouped and staged a comeback, securing a 3-2 victory with goals in the first and second periods.

16U A Ashburn Power Play Selects Shine: The 16U A Ashburn Power Play Selects displayed their talent and determination against Stingers Hockey. Notable contributions from Zachary Dowe, Grant Leeds, Reid Baker, and other players ensured a well-deserved victory for the Power Play Selects.

18U AA/A Snider Hockey Prevails in Overtime Thriller: In an intense and closely fought contest, the 18U AA/A Snider Hockey team emerged victorious in an overtime battle against the Ashburn Power Play Selects, with Devon Mallon scoring the winning OT goal.

The Patriot Ice Center in Newark, Delaware was filled with excitement this past weekend as our annual Keg Cup took place.

In division B, the Frogs took on the Space Cadets in a thrilling matchup that saw the Frogs come out on top with a 10 to 4 victory. The Frogs were led by Nick DeMarco, who scored several goals and recorded multiple points throughout the game. The Space Cadets put up a valiant effort but ultimately fell short against the dominant Frogs.

Division C saw the Zombies take on the Mantis, and it was the Zombies who emerged victorious with a 7 to 3 win. Matt Strazzella and Phil Mullen led the way for the Zombies, each scoring two goals and helping secure the win. The Mantis fought hard but were unable to overcome the strong offensive showing from the Zombies.

In division D, the Stars took on the Yetis in another exciting matchup that ended with a 7 to 3 victory for the Stars. Multiple players contributed goals for the Stars, but it was Pat Doherty who scored the game-winning goal.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated, and a special shoutout to the Frogs, Zombies, and Stars for their championship wins in their respective divisions!