Dual Celebrations at President's Cup Tournaments in Delaware and New Jersey

This Presidents Day weekend, February 17-19, 2024, youth hockey teams from across the region competed in the President's Cup tournaments held in Delaware and New Jersey. The championship day on Monday was the culmination of intense competition, showcasing the skills and determination of young athletes in various age divisions.

Delaware's President's Cup Highlights

In Delaware, the tournament featured 10U A and B, 12U A and B, and 14U A and B divisions, with each game bringing its own set of highlights and standout performances.

The 14U B division saw the York Devils (4-0-0) dominate the Jersey Colts (2-2-0) with a 4-0 victory, a game where the Devils' offense shone with 27 shots on goal compared to the Colts' 13. In the 14U A category, the Haverford Hawks (4-0-0) secured a win against the MD Jr. Black Bears (2-2-0) with a 5-2 score, in a closely contested match that saw the Hawks outshot 16 to 17 but still come out on top.

The 12U B division highlighted a tight match between the AC Sharks (2-2-0) and Tom's River (Red) (4-0-0), with Tom's River eking out a 1-0 victory, thanks to their 19 shots on goal. In the 12U A division, an exciting game unfolded between the York Devils (4-0-0) and Tom's River (Black) (3-1-0), with the Devils narrowly winning 3-2, showcasing their efficiency by capitalizing on their 29 shots on goal.

For the 10U divisions, the NYC Cyclones (4-0-0) defeated the Igloo Jaguars (2-2-0) 2-1 in the B division, in a closely matched game that saw both teams fiercely competing. The 10U A saw an impressive performance by the Palmyra Black Knights (Rochefort) (3-1-0), who overpowered the Igloo Jaguars (3-1-0) with an 8-2 victory, demonstrating a strong offensive play with 23 shots on goal.

New Jersey's President's Cup Highlights

The President's Cup in New Jersey paralleled the excitement seen in Delaware, with teams across 10U, 12U, and 14U divisions battling it out for the top honors. Championship day on Monday brought forward the culmination of a weekend filled with intense matches and remarkable skill displays from the young athletes.

In the 10U A division, the North Jersey Kings (Blue) (4-1-0) claimed victory over the Montclair Blues (3-2-0) in a close 4-3 game. The Kings' aggressive play was evident with 31 shots on goal compared to the Blues' 19, showcasing their offensive strength and resilience.

The 10U B division saw a high-scoring and tightly contested match between the North Jersey Kings (Yellow) (5-0-0) and the Skylands Kings (Navy) (4-1-0), ending in a 7-6 victory for the North Jersey Kings. Despite being outshot 35 to 27, the North Jersey Kings capitalized on their opportunities to edge out a win.

The 12U A division featured the Skylands Kings (3-2-0) against the North Jersey Kings (Blue) (5-0-0), with the latter securing a 4-3 win in a game that was a true testament to their undefeated record. The North Jersey Kings demonstrated their dominance by doubling the shots on goal, 42 to 22.

In the 12U AA division, the NJ Jets (5-0-0) emerged victorious against the Hollydell Hurricanes (3-2-0) with a score of 3-2. The Jets' offensive pressure was on full display with 35 shots on goal, ensuring their win in a closely contested match.

The 12U B division had the Mercer Chiefs (2-2-0) taking a narrow 4-3 win over the New Jersey Bandits (3-2-0). Despite being outshot 20 to 11, the Chiefs' efficiency in front of the goal led them to clinch the championship.

The 14U divisions were no less thrilling, with the 14U A match between the North Jersey Kings (Blue) (5-0-0) and the North Jersey Kings (Yellow) (3-2-0) ending in a dominant 7-0 victory for the Kings (Blue). Their unbeatable streak was bolstered by precision and teamwork, as evidenced by their 24 shots on goal.

Finally, in the 14U B division, the New Jersey Ice Dogs (5-0-0) secured a hard-fought 1-0 victory against the Southern Stars (2-3-0). The Ice Dogs showcased a solid defense and took advantage of their offensive chances, with 33 shots on goal to seal their championship win.

The President's Cup tournaments in New Jersey and Delaware provided a fantastic platform for young athletes to shine, highlighting the depth of talent and competitive spirit within youth hockey. As the tournaments concluded, they left behind memories of exhilarating matches and the promise of even more excitement in the future of the sport.

President's Cup, NJ Champions

President's Cup, DE Champions

The Mite Madness tournament, held at the York Ice Arena in York, PA, on February 3-4, 2024, concluded with thrilling championship matches in both the A and B divisions for the 8U age group. This event showcased the talents of young hockey players in a competitive and fun environment.

In the 8U A Division championship, the Ashburn Xtreme faced off against the Igloo Jaguars. With a perfect record of 5-0-0 going into the game, the Xtreme demonstrated skill and teamwork to secure a 5-1 victory over the Jaguars. Despite the Jaguars' efforts and a season record of 2-3-0, the Xtreme's performance on the ice was unmatched, leading them to the championship title.

The 8U B Division featured a match between the Ashburn Xtreme and the York Devils 2. The Xtreme, entering the game with a 4-2-0 record, was up against the undefeated York Devils-2, who had a flawless 6-0-0 season record. In a surprising turn of events, the York Devils-2 continued their winning streak, claiming the championship with a 3-0 win against the Xtreme. Throughout the tournament, this victory underscored the York Devils-2's dominance in the 8U B Division.

The Mite Madness tournament provided a platform for these young athletes to display their hockey skills, sportsmanship, and the spirit of competition. Games highlighted the participants' talent and dedication, promising a bright future for youth hockey. York Ice Arena, filled with the cheers of families and fans, created an unforgettable atmosphere for all involved in this exciting weekend of hockey.

Mite Madness 8UA
Mite Madness 8UB

From January 13th to 15th, 2024, the Winter Whiteout tournament, part of the Defender Hockey Tournaments series, electrified New Jersey with some of the most intense youth hockey matches of the season.

The 10U B Division championship witnessed the Mercer Chiefs (Red), with a 5-0-0 record, claim victory over the Igloo Jaguars in a tight 2-1 game. The Chiefs edged out their rivals with 13 shots on goal to the Jaguars' 17.

In the 10U A Division, the Palmyra Black Knights (Kullman), showcasing an undefeated record, overpowered the Mercer Chiefs (Black) with a decisive 5-3 win. The Knights' offensive pressure was evident in their 25 shots on goal, compared to the Chiefs' 20.

The 10U AA Division saw the Hollydell Hurricanes triumph over the Igloo Jaguars with a solid 4-2 score. The Hurricanes' combination of strategic play and teamwork led them to this well-deserved championship win.

Moving to the 12U B Division, the Grundy Senators (Black), with an impressive 5-0-0 record, dominated the Mercer Chiefs with a convincing 6-1 victory, showcasing their strength in both defense and offense.

In the 12U A Division, the Philadelphia Blazers (Czop), also undefeated, secured a narrow 2-1 win against the Cutting Edge Cobras. This game was a true showcase of skill and determination from both teams.

The 12U AA Division championship game was a remarkable display of talent, with the Royals (Gold) edging out the Philadelphia Blazers in a close 2-1 match. The Royals' victory was hard-fought, with 23 shots on goal.

The 13U AA Division featured a compelling match where the Mid Hudson Polar Bears 13U, with a perfect record, defeated the Princeton Tigers 5-1. The Polar Bears' dominance was reflected in their equal 17 shots on goal.

In the 14U B Division, the Royals (White) emerged victorious against the Royals (Gray) with a score of 4-2. This game was a testament to the depth of talent in the 14U category.

The 14U A-Winter Vortex Division saw the Hamden Dragons clinch a 2-4 victory against the Royals. The Dragons' resilience and tactical prowess were key to their success in this championship game.

Adding to the excitement, the 14U A - Blizzard Division had the Grundy Senators (Gold) secure a 3-0 win over the Igloo Jaguars (Black). The Senators displayed remarkable defensive skills, limiting the Jaguars to 22 shots on goal.

The 14U AA Division featured a thrilling game between the Igloo Jaguars and the Woodbridge Wolfpack, ending in a 4-2 victory for the Jaguars. The Jaguars' 24 shots on goal were crucial in securing this win.

In the 16U A - Snowman Division, the Baltimore Stars, with a 4-1-0 record, defeated the Mercer Chiefs with a commanding 4-1 score. The Stars' offensive pressure was evident in their 19 shots on goal.

The 16U A-Jack Frost Division saw a nail-biting championship game with the Igloo Jaguars (Black) narrowly defeating the Grundy Senators (Gretzky) 0-1 in a defensive showdown.

Finally, the 18U A Division was dominated by the Allegheny Badgers, who with a 4-0-0 record, triumphed over the Mercer Chiefs with a 4-1 score. The Badgers' 19 shots on goal played a significant role in their victory.

The 18U AA category showcased the Richmond Generals' dominance with a commanding 4-1 win against the Atlantic City Sharks. The Generals' cohesive play earned them the championship title.

For a complete overview of all past game scores and highlights from the Winter Whiteout 2024, visit the event page at Defender Hockey Tournaments Winter Whiteout 2024.

With the Winter Whiteout 2024 drawing to a successful close,

the focus now shifts to the upcoming Mite Madness, scheduled for February 3-4, 2024, in York, PA. This next event promises to continue the thrilling hockey action for young athletes. For more information on Mite Madness and to view a full list of all upcoming Fall/Winter Tournaments, visit Defender Hockey Tournaments Fall/Winter Tournaments and Mite Madness 2024.